Grantsmanship: Frequently Asked Questions

Research Objectives, Scope and Responsiveness

This is a critical question, as each of the specific aims in the application must meet the following criteria to be considered responsive:

  • Address one or more of the interest areas listed in the FOA.
  • Fall within the scope of FDA CTP’s regulatory authority.

As such, applicants are strongly encouraged to contact the scientific research contacts listed in the FOA for feedback about responsiveness prior to submitting an application. Upon receipt, applications will be evaluated for responsiveness by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) and participating NIH Institutes. Only applications that are within the scope of the areas listed in the FOA and FDA CTP's regulatory authority will be reviewed.

Your application title, abstract, and specific aims are used to make this determination, so it is important that you are clear about your proposed scientific aims and how they may potentially inform CTP's regulatory authority. Staff reviewing your application will refer to other parts of the application if responsiveness is unclear based on title, abstract, and specific aims. If your application is deemed responsive, it will undergo scientific peer review by experts convened specifically for this FOA (by the NIH Center for Scientific Review). If your application is deemed nonresponsive, it will be withdrawn prior to evaluation of its scientific merit, i.e., peer review.

Award Selection

Post-Award Management and Reporting

Research Resources

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