Call for Papers: Special Issue "Tobacco Control, Policy Perspectives" Opportunity

Expires 30 July 2019

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

This Special Issue welcomes studies and reviews belonging to, each or the interface of, three broad areas of tobacco control policies:

  1. Demand reduction (e.g., tobacco taxation, smoke-free laws, regulation of tobacco product content and disclosures, plain packaging, warning labels, knowledge and awareness about the harms of tobacco use, ban on tobacco advertising promotion and sponsorship, support for tobacco use cessation);

  2. Supply reduction (e.g., elimination of illicit trade in tobacco products, ban on sales to and by minors, promotion of economically viable alternatives for tobacco dependent livelihoods);

  3. Harm reduction (e.g., regulation of alternative nicotine delivery products, such as, electronic cigarettes, smokeless tobacco products).

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