At-a-Glance Summary

The Tobacco Centers of Regulatory Science (TCORS) is made up of scientists with a broad range of expertise (e.g., epidemiology, economics, toxicology, addictions, and marketing), they generate critical research that informs the FDA's regulation of tobacco products.

Essential elements of the TCORS include:

  • At least three theoretically grounded, strong research projects with an integrative theme
  • An Administrative Core and other cores as needed
  • The ability to conduct developmental/pilot and time-sensitive research
  • A program for career development and training

14 Centers were funded in 2013 (TCORS 1.0) and in 2018, NIH and FDA renewed their commitment to the TCORS program and awarded a second cohort (TCORS 2.0) of Centers to nine institutions.

A complete description of TCORS projects can be found on the TRSP WEBSITE.

TCORS 2.0. Locations
American Heart Association

American Heart Association Tobacco Center for Regulatory Science (A-TRAC) 2.0

University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

Center for the Assessment of the Public Health Impact of Tobacco Regulations

Virginia Commonwealth University

Center for the Study of Tobacco Products

University of Pennsylvania

Examining the Effects of Advertising, Packaging and Labeling on Perceptions, Use and Exposure of Commbustible Tobacco Products

University of California, San Francisco

Integrated Health, Behavioral and Economic Research on Current and Emerging Tobacco Projects

University of Southern California

Tobacco Regulatory Science Investigating the Intersections of Products with Diverse Populations

University of Vermont

University of Vermont Tobacco Center of Regulatory Science

Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center

WNY Center for Research on Flavored Tobacco Projects (CRoFT)

Yale University

Yale Center for the Study of Tobacco Project Use and Addiction: Flavors, Nicotine, and Other Constituents (YCSTP)